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BORN:  FEB 23, 1940   BOSTON, MA.  USA


EDUCATED: Radcliff Studios, Cambridge, Massachusetts  1969/1972

                      Boston Museum School 1957/1961

                      Columbia Univ., NYC  1962/1963

                      University of California, Berkeley, Ca. 1963/65





2023 "Waking from the Dream of Death" Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo, Mexico City

         "The Beauty of my Enemy" Museo Iconográfico del Quijote, Guanajuato, México

2022 - 2023  "The Beauty of my Enemy" Museum of the Palace of Medicine UNAM, Mexico City

2016 Diego Rivera Museum, Guanajuato, Mexico

2015 Queretaro Museo de la Cuidad, Queretaro, Mexico

2015 Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico

2009 Pritam & Eames, East Hampton, New York

2003 Pritam&Eames, East Hampton, N.Y.

1992 Black& Herron, New York, N.Y.

1990 Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France

1989 Schoenfeld Gallery, Key West, Fl.

1987 Stux Gallery, Boston, Ma.

1986 Stux Gallery, New York, NY

1984 Stux Gallery, Boston, Ma.

1983 Stux Gallery, Boston, Ma.

1981 Gallery Naga, Boston, Ma.




2019“12 Artists, 12 Banners”. Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende. Mexico

2015 “Clay Dragon Revisted”  Fuller Art Museum, Brocton, Massachusetts

2012  Shidoni Gallery, Tesuque, New Mexico

2011 “Heaven Can Wait”  Pritam & Eames Gallery, East Hampton, New York

2006-2007 “Ecotopia” Int. Center of Photo. New York, NY

2006 Pritam & Eames, East Hampton, NY

20041998 “Warm”, Sculpture Conf., Univ. of Illinois,I Space, N.Y.

1996”Art Exchange Show”Alternative Art Fair, Black and Herron Gallery, New York, 

1995 “Ooze”, Black and Herron Gallery New York 

         “Artists Response to the Bombing of the  Federal Building, Oaklahoma City, Oklahoma

         “Spiritual  Impulses” New England School of Craft and Design, Boston,Ma

         “Off the Wall”:What a Relief”, Creiger-Dane, Boston, M

         “The Symbolic Field”,New Art Center, Newton, Ma.

1994 “Faculty Show” School  of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Ma.

1992 “Faculty Show”, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Ma.

1991 “Surrealism and Fantasy”, Fitchburg Museum, Fitchburg, Ma.

         “Small Scale Sculpture”, Mills Gallery, Boston Center of the Arts, Boston, Ma.

         “The Mythological  Object” ,Bridgewater State Univ.,Bridgewater, Ma

1988 “Faculity Show”, School of the , Ma.

         “Summer Review”, Stux Gallery, Boston, Ma MFA, Boston.

1987 “Miniatures”, Stux Gallery, Boston, Ma.

        “Transvision”, Stux Gallery,   New York, N.Y.

         “Contemporary Currants,  Selections from Stux Gallery” Karl Drerup Gallery

         Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH.

         “Private Visions”, The Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, Ma.

         “Boston Artists Abroad”, The Federal ReserveBank of Boston, Boston, Ma. 

 1986 “Saints and Sinners:Contemporary Responses to Religion”, Cordova Museum, 

         Lincoln, Ma.

          “Salute to Boston Artists”, Faneuil Hall, Boston, Ma.

          “Gallery Artists: Part11 –Sculpture”, Stux Gallery, Boston, Ma.

          “Inaugural”, Stux Gallery, New York, N.Y.

         “Contemporary  Art: Ancient Inspirations”, Stux Gallery, Boston, Ma.

1985 “1985 Painting and Sculpture Exhibit”, Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Ma.

          “The Figure in Ceramics”, Rathbone Gallery, Albany, NY

          “Gallery Artists: Part 1—Sculpture”, Stux Gallery,  Boston, Ma.

1984 “Boston Now”, Institute of Contemporary  Art,  Boston, Ma.

         “Chicago International Art Expo”, Ch

         “As         Aspects of the Human Form”, Fitchberg Museum, Fitchberg, Ma.icago,  Ill.

         “Alumni Show”, Univ. Of California, Santa Cruz. Ca.

1983 “Art on the Town Series”, Cambridge Arts Council  and Loub Theatre 

          concurrently, Cambridge, Ma.

          “Heaven”, Gallery Naga, Boston, Ma.

          “Four in One”,  Clark Gallery, Lincoln, Ma

1981 “Walking on the Bottom”, Rhode Island College, Providence, R.I.

          “Sculpture Now”, Monserrat School of Art, Beverly,  Ma.

           “Pros and Cons”, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston, Ma.

           “The Human Image”, Northeastern niv “Two Visions”  Pritam & Eames Gallery, E. Hampton, NY




  1. Stone and Bronze Monument, Labyrinth, Druid Circle-Avalon Park, Simons Foundation, Stonybrook, NY 

    1998 Wall relief porcelain sculpture 21ftx8ft”Musicians” MCG office building,

          Minneapolis, Minn 

  1997 Wall relief sculpture”Gelsomia’s Toe” Mr.&Mrs.Charles  Ullman, Corona del

         Del Mar, Ca.

         Wall relief  sculpture “Washroom Fragment” T. Paulson, Laguna Beach,Ca.

  1. Atrium wall relief- 251 Causeway St.Office Bld-Boston, Ma.

   1993 “Prometheus”porcelain relief on column 800 Third Ave, Renaissance Tech.

      New York, NY  




      Correo de Guanajuato….”Invitan a admirar las Obras sobre la Muerte”…Jan 5, 2017

      Guanajuato A.M. Express..”Transforma a las momias”…Jan 5 2017

      El Heraldo de Guanajuato…”invitar a la exposisicion”….Jan 5 2017

      Diaro de Queretaro…”Mexico, Despertando del Sueno de la Muerte”…March 6, 2016

      Avenue Magazine….”Despertando del Sueno de la Muerte”….Nov/Dec issue 2015

      Misha Lipsky….. “Waking from the Dream of Death”….Atension, San Miguel de Allende, 

                       Mexico, Oct. 30, 2015

      Boneti, Charles          “BAA Exhibit: Homage to Absurdity” SPRINGFIELDUNION 

                                   And THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE Oct. 17, 2010                             

      Bromley, Benjamin   “Museum Exhibit Centers On Response To Religion” MIDDLESEX

                                   NEWS  Dec 18, 2008

       Carlock, Marty           “Art with Religious Themes”  CONCORD JOURNAL, Nov, 2002

       Foster, Catherine        “Local Talent at MFA, ICA’  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

                                    July 5, 1998

       Giuliano, Charles        “Exhibitionism”, IMPROPER BOSTONIAN, June 1995

                                   “Ambitious Art Shows Generate Excitement” PATRIOT LEDGER

                                     June 30, 1984

                                     “Jod Lourie”  AMERICAN CERAMICS April 1984

                                     “Gallery Go Round”  Oct. 19, 1982

       Freeman, Nan               “Jod Lourie”   ARTFORUM March 1984

       Frick, Tom                    “Jod Lourie”  AMERICAN CERAMICS  VOL. 6, No. 2, 1988

       Johnson, Ken                “Ceramic Figure Art”  ALBANY UNION TIMES  March 12, 1985

       Kidder, Rushworth       “Local Talents Emerge at MFA, ICA” CHRISTIAN SCIENCE

                                     MONITOR  July 5, 1984

       Kologe, Brian L.            “Jod Lourie”  ART NEW ENGLAND  Vol. 3, No. 11   June 1982

       Lauzon, Lorraine            “Religious Exhibition Inspired”  CATHOLIC OBSERVER  Dec.


       Lessard, Denis… “Un Etonnant Parellele: Jod Lourie et Christian Renonciat” Quebec, Vol 1, No. 2, 

                                INTERNATIONAL  Quebec, Vol 1, No. 2, April 1980

       McQuaid, Cate     “Playroom Art”  SOUTH END NEWS  Feb. 7, 1991

       Nigrosn, Leon     SCULPTING CLAY   Davis Publications  1992

       Narrett, Eugene    “Boston Artist Abroad”  NEW ART EXAMINER  Oct. 1987

       Ross, David    “Boston Now: Sculpture/Emerging” Stebbins, Theodore INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART and THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS,  Boston, Ma. 1984 (Catalogue)

       Schecter, Ann            “Exciting Innovations Spark New Shows In Boston”  LOWELL SUN 

                                   August 12, 1984

       Speight, Charlotte      NEW IMAGES IN CLAY SCULPTURE, Harper & Row  1983

       Stapen, Nancy           “Off the Wall”  BOSTON GLOBE June 1995

                                 “ICA Clay and Glass”  THE BOSTON HERALD   May 5, 1989

                                 “Meterial Goods”  THE BOSTON HERALD   May 5, 1989

                                “Powerful Conflicts, Delicate Media”  THE BOSTON HERALD   

                                 April 10, 1987  

                                “Decordova Show Has Mass Appeal “  THE BOSTON GLOBE  

                                  Nov. 21, 1986

                                “ICA/MFA” The Follies Bizarre”ART NEW ENGLAND July/Aug, 19 8

      Swan, Christopher   “Boulevaradier---Cultural Landscape”  Oct. 23, 1981

      Taylor, Robert          “Artful Glass, Clay at ICA”  THE BOSTON GLOBE                 

                                  May 5, 1989

                                 “Saints and Sinners Compelling”   THE BOSTON GLOBE  Dec. 1986

                                “A New Chapter Is Beginning In Boston Sculpture”     BOSTON GLOBE  J

                                 July 1, 1984

      Temin,  Christine    “From Figurative To Fantastic”  BOSTON GLOBE  Sept. 20, 1995

                                 “Lourie Boldly Mixes Evolution, Sex, Religion”  THE BOSTON GLOBE

                                   Aril 16, 1987

                                “Perspectives”  THE BOSTON GLOBE  April 16, 1987


       Temin, Christine      “1983---The Best And The Worst” BOSTON GLOBE  Dec. 25, 

                                  Dec. 1, 1982

                                 “Sculptor Jod Lourie: Powerful  And Intrusive” BOSTON  GLOBE

                                  Nov. 20, 1983  

                                 “Jod Lourie’s Baroque Splenders”  BOSTON GLOBE GLOBE     

                                  Nov. 20, 1986. 

                                  “From Fragile Essence To Chilling Precision” BOSTON  GLOBE

                                  June 19, 1984  

                                  “Critic’s Tip – Art; The Evocative Bath House” BOSTON GLOBE

                                  June 1982 

       Widger, Marion          “Saints And Sinners”  MIDDLESEX NEWS, Dec. 1, 1986

Awards and Acknowledgements

                                    1990  ICA Boston, Ma……Residence Pauda, Italy


1992   Carmaro Foundation residence…Cassis, France

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