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Tables and Garden Objects 
celery table
Brussel sprouts table
long neck Squash table
round squash table
squash table
asparagus stands
asparagus stands
Snake Ball
Pritam & Eames show

Jod Lourie is an architectural sculptor and designer whose current series of bronze, granite and glass pieces refer to the life in the garden. Her pieces include lounge and side tables supported by cast brussel sprouts, squash and celery. Carved bronze and glass spheres depicting intricate patterns of intersecting insects, flowers, reptiles and leaves rest on bronze asparagus stands. Lourie who has extensive experience in nurseries and gardens, makes molds of actual vegetables, then manipulates the wax models to elongate and expand their forms. They are cast and assembled as sculpture in art foundries in Brooklyn and New Jersey. The patinas are labor intensively layered in multiple sessions.

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