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rocky path-mission
rocky path w ladder
splintered trunk
Road to Acoma
wooden wagon
gas pump blanket
cows on praire
graveyard blanket
train & cows blanket
abiquiu river

Digitally Collaged Prints based on Southwest Indian rugs and blanket designs

During yearly trips to New Mexico photographing 

the extraordinary landscape and experiencing the dominance of the southwest Indian culture on the entire area, I began seeing elements of my photographs in the patterns of rugs and blankets.


The strong influence from the formations of the rocks and the vegetation of the area that shows ups in the repetitive patterns and shapes of the symbols that appear in the Indian weavings was the natural catalyst for the imagery.


It has been very exciting, though painstaking, creating this prints and has led me to a more through researching of the visual life of the tribes of the southwest and how the patterns of their weavings changed when they would  migrated at times to another landscapes.  

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